The Slowest Sewist

Say that five times fast!

Soooooo….I’m finally (well, almost) done with my first pair of dress pants! I feel like they took me forever to put together.  At the time of starting this post I had to sew on buttons, hem the pants, serge the inside, and reposition the hooks and eyes. I thought it was a lot, but I was able to finish it all on Tuesday after work.


General fitting was a real issue.  I can’t stand a pair of ill-fitting pants so that made me try my best get them to fit as great as possible, but I still ended up with a pair of ill-fitting pants.  Crotch woes and all, I’m wearing them today.

I decreased the waistband after pattern fitting, after fitting the muslin, and again after I tried on the pants and after all that, it’s still a little too large.  I think I added too much crotch depth and room in the rear. To top it off, as I am wearing them it seems the pants are getting stretched out. Or am I gradually shrinking? Who knows. I’m also having issues with the rear pocket lining pulling up through the pocket hole.

Other things I changed:
I straightened out some of the flare on the leg below the knee. The waistband lining was also not put in according to the pattern instructions cause I goofed somewhere.

Overall, they’ll work for work, but I still have to go back to the drawing board for refitting before the next wearing. I’m not gonna let these pants be the boss of me!


The Slowest Sewist

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