I Fancy a Pair of Mittens

BEHOLD! INTERWEAVE KNITS!  *holds up copy for all to see*


My Top 3 Favorite Knitting Magazines…

3. Knitty(.com)

2.  Knitscene

1.  Interweave Knits

Everytime I would get my copy in the mail I would drop everything just to see what lovely projects it contained.  My subscription ran from about 2008 to mid 2012.  And that weak moment I had a few days ago when I purchased that magazine?  Oh, yep.  That was IK.

Usually I want to knit just about EVERYTHING in the magazine so it is often hard to settle on one thing.   This time it was easier, because I had some yarn in the stash that I wanted to use for a small project.  So I combed every issue and settled on these Handsome Mittens.


I made them just a twee longer and opted out of the opposing thumb colors. They almost match my coat.


I Fancy a Pair of Mittens

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