Thursday’s Three Things

Triple T!

One thing I do miss from the personal blog that I used to keep is “Thursday’s Three Things”.   When I would remember it was a Thursday, I would post three brief, random things that I was thinking/feeling/wishing for at that moment.  I think I need to bring it back since I miss it so much.  And look, how convenient: It’s already Thursday!   This is mainly a craft blog, but I won’t promise that all three things will always be craft related and I won’t promise I’ll post every Thursday.  

  • Bad, Bad, Nizzy.  A new knitting magazine added to the stash.  You should be slapped.  Now go home and immediately throw away one magazine without looking at it. 😉
  • I hate being cold, but being outdoors with a wonderful and wooly Dr. Who scarf makes the cold just a tad bit more bearable.
  • Just discovered crafting and audiobooks.  What an awesome combo!
Thursday’s Three Things

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    1. Yes, that was a fun meme! I checked sometime last year and the questions were still going on a different site. Now, that site is related to a charity organization. The LJ community kept it going until about October 2012 and its been ded since. You could always start it up again. 😉

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