Neck Candy

Happy New Year!!!  Here’s to a starting a new year waiting to be filled with great crafty adventures!

Part of what I am continuously working on is exploring ways to combine my hobbies and interests:  fabric+jewelry, geekery+knitting, sewing+beading, etc.  Here I had a little fun with some yarn and beads.  This NO-velty yarn was sitting in my stash originally to be used for scrapbooking, a hobby in which I no longer indulge.  I gave up scrapping, added about 3 more interests to take its place and thought I could find better use for this fiber in this neck candy.

Ooooo, yum.  So colorful I could just eat them!


Neck Candy

9 thoughts on “Neck Candy

  1. I’m sending you my address! LOLOL!!! Your jewelry pieces are so beautiful, I still can’t pick my favourite one.

    These are really fun; who’d have thought yarn could have turned into this? Awesome!!!

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