The Plan for an Afghan

*cue the sweet music*

Ahhhh…I remember when I first learned to crochet and (over-ambitiously) wanted my first project to be a blanket for my twin bed.  I purchased two skeins of  Red Heart Super Saver yarn in mint green and started my project using the only stitch I knew…*record scratch*…single crochet.  After about thirty rows I figured I would be about 25 years of age before I ever finished that project (I was about 10 years old then) so I gave it up.  I gave up crochet for several years after that.

Fast forward to today and I’m back to making plans for an Afghan.  I was inspired to make one after browsing through the content in Comfort Knitting and Crochet: Afghans several years ago.  Some of the designs were quite striking, but I still couldn’t bring myself to start it. 

“It’s too big.”

“It will get too heavy.”

“It’s the same pattern over and over.”

Too many excuses, right?  So when Knitting Block by Block was released I knew this was the way to go.   With making an afghan of separate knitted squares each with a different pattern, I can dip in and out of this project when it becomes too monotonous, huge, and scary.   Piecing it together will be hell, but I hope to do that as I go along.

The initial plan:


I am using blue, light blue, grey and pink acrylic yarn (Sincerely – a Joann’s exclusive) to keep the cost down.  My preference would be to try Cascade 220.

I even finished my first 11 x 11 knitted block already! 


Let the ABC project begin!


The Plan for an Afghan

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  1. Northern Narratives says:

    Have fun with your blocks. You might be able to find someone to piece it together for you.

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