Color the Stress Away


I’ve rediscovered the art of coloring!

As a kid, I always had a zillion coloring books and of course the biggest drool-worthy box of Crayola crayons complete with the inbox sharpener that was mine, all mine.  Don’t you dare try to borrow my crayons and break one in half or we might end up not speaking for a few days.  I was serious about my coloring!

In adulthood, I’ve returned to my coloring roots.  I have several ‘adult’ coloring books and the biggest set of Crayola crayons ever made (now, in a cradle with its own sharper).  I’ve added sets of markers, colored pencils (my favorite medium), and colored pens.  It’s not exactly a “craft”, but I get to be creative with the color selection and shading. 

I’ve decided to take up coloring again to help deal with a little stress.   I don’t have the luxury of sitting and coloring for hours on end, nor do I want to completely check out and ignore my responsibilities, so I enjoy this art in small bursts of time.  Zoning out for just a few minutes, concentrating on the strokes of color takes the focus off of any negative emotion I am feeling at the moment and allows me to deal with any issue with clarity and calmness.    Oh, is that a little to Zen for you?  How about the fact that I just love to make a pretty picture? 




Color the Stress Away

6 thoughts on “Color the Stress Away

  1. coloring is SO a craft! I love to color. I’ve always wanted a set of artist chalks so I could blend and soften colors…I’d never get my face out of a coloring book if left alone too long 😉

  2. I have my boxes of Crayola … I’m so going to pick some colouring books up on tomorrow when I leave work. Thanks for reminding me how easy and crafty colouring is.

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