30 Days of Crafting – On my Desk

My desk by Creatively Motivated
My desk, a photo by Creatively Motivated on Flickr.

Well, I can’t really call it a desk. It’s a plain and simple workstation (i.e. party table) with four legs and a surface to play. Of course it’s currently in a state of disarray because I was in the midst of a creative moment and it ended up being the dumping grounds for a mix of things.  It starts off clean and then gradually progresses to something a little worse than this.

I’ve got dreams of having a big fancy schmancy desk, but for now this suits me just fine.  Besides, I can craft in my lap, at the living room table, in a car, doctor’s office, on a train…anywhere.  I’ll make it work.

30 Days of Crafting – On my Desk

One thought on “30 Days of Crafting – On my Desk

  1. Certainly cleaner than my work surface. But, like you, I’ve been taking projects with me to different locations. Recently made a necklace while either sitting at my deck table or the front step. (I was trying to run away from the kids :-p) 🙂

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