30 Days of Crafting – Books

Knitting books in the bottom two shelves of the Expedit under the yarn stash. 

Oh, and you thought “stash” was yesterday?

Since I’ve picked up knitting in 2007/2008 and crafting since way back when I’ve acquired quite a library of books.

Before I go on, I confess.  There is another Expedit bookshelf involved and it houses my books and magazines for all my other crafty interests.  I was all about the patterns (knitting, sewing, inspiration for jewelry).  I wanted to make everything!  I was wowed and inspired by the beautiful pictures and fabulous designs.

As far as knitting is concerned, I got a little itch (which I haven’t scratched quite yet) to attempt knitwear design for myself so I moved on to stitchionaries and books on design help.  As the slots began to fill on those last two rows, I knew it was time to wrap up the collection and start focusing more on creating projects and enjoying the creation process instead of collecting.  After those last two adds below, I’ve been pretty much done with buying craft books.  I still get the urge to buy a book once in a while when I see something I like (Finishing School: A Master Class for Knitters *drool*) and I still indulge in the occasional magazine, but I must respect the space limitations!

Hmmm…what about going digital??? 😉


30 Days of Crafting – Books

5 thoughts on “30 Days of Crafting – Books

  1. Ooooooo, based on DW’s comment, we definitely have a book fetish in common. I’m afraid to say out loud how many cookbooks I have and the craft books are catching up. … shaking my head sadly …

    1. Well *I* don’t wanna say either just in case my collection is the largest of the two! But the number is definitely “up there”. lol

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