30 Days of Crafting – The Stash

Around the web I’ve found several fellow bloggers who have participated in a 30 Day Crafting Challenge.  This challenge encourages you to post (mostly photos) in your crafting blog for an entire month on 30 different craft related topics of your chosing.  I never posted the list I generated because I wasn’t sure I would ever get around to participating, but here I am ready and eager to share with you all some of the behind the scenes of my favorite hobbies.

The Stash

There’s always a stash.  Which one are we talking?  The most manageable of the stashes, I think, is my stash for jewelry making.  It takes up the least amount of space.  The most unmanageable and out of control stash of all is the fabric stash.  I don’t even want to talk about that one.  Right there in between is the yarn stash.    What keeps it from getting out of control? Besides money…SPACE.  There is just not enough space to hold anymore.  I have 6 full bins (one not pictured) that fit into the Expedit bookcase.  For the past year or so, I’ve vowed to use only items I own instead of going out to buy something new unless its something to finish a current project or it’s the full amount of yarn for the next project I’m about to start.  No more stashing!  Of course I’ve broken that rule a few times, but thankfully it’s still contained.


30 Days of Crafting – The Stash

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