A Life List of the Knitting Variety


I came across this book while perusing Amazon for new books in the Craft and Hobbies sections.  It’s the product of a perfect combination of two of my favorite things: Knitting and Listmaking.

Now, I do not  have any plans to buy this book yet, but it looks like it would be a good resource to open your mind to learn something new about the craft and/or find new places to take your knitting.  The rough “life list” that I have in the works mostly includes patterns or projects that I would like to try, but I have a few other things I’d like to add to the list such as:

  • Buy cashmere or other luxury yarn
  • Have fun with Colorwork
  • Design a sweater
  • Learn more about the different fibers and their source

Do any of you keep a knitting or craft related life list?


A Life List of the Knitting Variety