Dear Shaun the Sheep


Goodbye, Shaun.  I’m glad to see you go.  Finally. 

For several years you’ve begged for my attention and I got fairly good at ignoring you.  I’ve stuffed you in baskets under piles of fabric.  I’ve buried you under the colorful skeins of yarn of many other ambitious projects.   But no matter how hard I’ve tried to shut you out of my mind, you continued to scream for attention.

So I’ve carried you to work, brought you along on my travels, and allowed you to keep me company while watching Project Runway.  Touching those Patons fibers brought me such agony!  I didn’t want to attach your limbs nor weave in your ends.  I just wanted you to just go away!

Well, today, I’m tired of looking at you.  And I made a promise to C. to send you to her home.  She’s been expecting you and I hope she will still appreciate your company.   Thanks for the challenge, I guess.


Dear Shaun the Sheep

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