Nizzy’s WIP: Felted Office Slippers


DROPS number 112-43

If I have to be at work for 15 jillion hours a day I feel I should be comfortable.  I love cute little pair of heels, but they aren’t always comfortable.  Face it ladies, you know your feet hurt sometimes.  Don’t front! 

While at my desk I like to kick the shoes off, prop the feet up, and ‘do what I do’.  And when I get up to go to the printer (which is just a few steps away), I don’t always feel like putting my shoes back on.  So, I’m hooking myself up with some black felted slippers for the office. 

 They would probably be finished up to the seaming part if I didn’t run out of yarn halfway through knitting the second slipper.   Anyways, I have at least a dozen other WIPs (some you don’t even know about yet) that will keep me occupied until I buy one more skein. -Nizzy

Nizzy’s WIP: Felted Office Slippers

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