“OMG! She’s Wearing a Dress!”, Summer Edition

Burda 6/2009 Style #121, Dress

I believe this is the first “Finished” sewing related post since my friend, DragonWillow, and I started this blog. Hooray for us!

If you remember this post eons ago, I wanted to use a different print for this dress, but did not have enough fabric for it.

I omitted most of the ruffles because trying to work with them in this slinky kind of fabric was a pain in my neck AND it took a while for me to get the serger’s cooperation to do a rolled hem on the ruffle edges AND I still hate zippers. So, I banished it to the half-finished project bin!

Today, it re-emerges completed just in time for summer’s end. A very light and relaxed style to get me through the last of the hazy, hot, and humid days.  Do you think I have time to squeeze in one more summer item before she goes?


“OMG! She’s Wearing a Dress!”, Summer Edition

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