Nizzy’s New Needles

I wouldn’t say I’ve quite entered knitting needle snobbery territory yet, but as I have progressed with my knitting I found that I have developed a preference for using a certain style of needle.

Saying Goodbye...

I picked up the acrylic set because they were cheap and I was just learning how to knit.  But never really liked how wool and a few other fibers slid across them.  If you are a tight knitter, forget it!  That first row after the cast on is next to impossible.

My heart really belongs to a metal needle.  Although they are a bit slippery at times, I love how the yarn glides over these.  The tips are always pointy.  And I find the *click, click* of the needles together rather soothing.

I also have the sticky needle problem with some wood and bamboo needles, giving exception to Harmony Wood Needles.

Hello to Harmony Wood!

Harmony Needles are perfectly in between Acrylic and Metal: a little grip, a little glide.  And I like ’em!

Farewell, Acrylic Needle!


Nizzy’s New Needles

2 thoughts on “Nizzy’s New Needles

  1. DW says:

    I don’t knit, but I’m IN LOVE with those Harmony Wood Needles!!! Happy Knitting! (make me something pretty! :-D)

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