Finished: Pink Shawl in a Loose Lattice Lace

Pink Shawl by Creatively Motivated
Pink Shawl, a photo by Creatively Motivated on Flickr.

I have finally finished knitting up the Pink Shawl in a loose lattice lace. Got kind of bored with it after the first skein, but when I finally realized who I wanted to gift it to, I got the mojo to hurry up and finish it. For the most part, it wasn’t a bad stitch pattern because it kept you focused on what you were knitting. I just had to make sure I counted my rows because I got tired of taking out the end of the last row to find out where I left off.

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft (No Dye Lot)

Colorway: Victorian Rose 9721

Stitch Pattern: Loose Lattice Lace

I used about 2.5 skiens and its about 70 something inches long.

The only problem I had with the yarn was that the coloring was different on 2 of the skeins which I didn’t expect from No Dye Lot yarn. But, when you purchase a skein of yarn years ago and then realize you need more, what do you expect? It’s probably more likely discolored from age. More of a reason to whittle down the yarn stash NOW.


Finished: Pink Shawl in a Loose Lattice Lace

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    The shaw is very classy looking and your photo is beautiful, very professionally done!

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