Craft Room

I was trying to wait until I had pictures to go with this entry, but it’s taking me forever to actually take the pictures, so I’m going to go ahead without them…

I am currently turning an old bedroom into my craft room/office.  I am UBER excited.  🙂 

It took me a while to come up with the paint scheme.  I knew I wanted blue, but picking the shade took some doing.  I finally narrowed it down to a sky blue.  Blue is my favorite color and makes me happy.  Two requirements for a room where creativity will happen 😉

I finished painting the window/door trims last night.  They are white (because I like the contrast and white is easy to use to tie in all the rooms).  I will tape the windows, doors, ceiling and baseboards tonight and hopefully begin painting shortly. 

I’m going to paint a 4’x6′ chalkboard on one wall.  I’m still debating about painting some magnetic paint under the chalkboard.  It’s expensive and I’ve read mixed reviews on it.  The pervasive thing seems to be you need to use STRONG magnets in order for it to hold papers.  A few years ago, this would have been an issue, but my son is 12, I think he knows better than to try to put a magnet in his mouth and swallow (at least, I HOPE he does).

I was going to re-use the desk I’d made a few years ago, but it’s had some “accidents” in the last few months…animal-induced accidents :-/  So, now I’m going to make a desk from countertops and IKEA Expedit bookcases.  The bookcases will be perfect for holding 12 x 12 scrapbooking paper as well as providing ample storage for other items. 

This room has a closet, so it will be a good place for office supplies as well as fabric 🙂

The room used to be my aunt’s.  She had been using a hospital bed for the last few years (before she passed).  I was going to give it away, but apparently, no one wants it.  So, I’ve decided to turn it into a daybed.  It will provide extra seating as well as a place for guests to stay.  (no worries, my aunt died in a hospital, not that bed).

It will be nice to have a room with ample natural light, all my craft supplies out (or stored) in one place and a DOOR to keep the animals from ruining my creations!  🙂

Keep watching this space to see updates!


Craft Room