Cast Cover

cast cover

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I made this cast cover back in December. My son’s been casted since October, due to surgery. Obviously, I was a tad late getting this all together since the cast comes off tomorrow.


I had him lay on the floor and then I traced around his foot. This was my template. Of course, when I tried to sew the two pieces together, I discovered I had a stocking and not a “Cast Snuggy” (that’s what we’ve dubbed this).

So, I took it apart and “filled it in” with some scrap material.

Materials used:
-Camo Fleece
-Flannel (for lining, yes, I lined the fleece)
-Black thread

I also made him a water-proof cover (just to walk outside in, not to shower in) out of a plastic table cloth (with smocking on the back – no picture).

I did cut out more pieces to make another snuggy, but won’t need it now. Eh, maybe I’ll make it anyway. 🙂


Cast Cover

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