Staghorn Cable for Pebble Hoodie

Happy Crafty New Year! 

Hopefully this year will bring much more craftiness my way with a bit of finishing up of some old projects that are still hanging around.  This week  I worked on Dragonwillow’s Pebble Hoodie that I have ignored.

All of the pieces have been finished except for the Pocket which gave me a bit of trouble, so you know I’ve ripped out over and over and over to see if I could perfect it.  No such luck!

Trouble Area outlined in Red

The problem is that anytime I switch from knit to purl, I get loose stitches.  This happens with the areas before cables, with rib stitch, basketweave stitch, basically anything that involves an alternation between knit and purl.  I did do a bit of searching and found  a couple of solutions that didn’t work for me.

1.  On the first purl wrap the yarn counter-clockwise around the needle.  On the reverse side, knit the stitch through the back loop.

Well, you see the results above: It’s still wonky!  

2.  Knit to the column where the problem occurs, (in this case its the first purl column) undo stitches to bottom of work and latch up.

That result was even worse than the first!   I am hoping for some knitters to pass by this space and offer another solution.  Help, please!

– Nizzy

Staghorn Cable for Pebble Hoodie