Staple it first…then add the Safety Pins.

Say goodbye to Jason!


This show must be near the end of it’s run!  So far I’m finding it kind of boring, in both the designs and in the show overall.  I think Seth from Season 7 is going to be a hard act to follow.    The designs aren’t that exciting, the contestants are more emotional this season, and Michael Kors has even more mad-lib one liners in his bag:     

“She looks like a (nationality) (occupation) going to a (place)!”       

Have fun making up your own.  He probably already beat you to some of them.  The best looking piece on this episode was the beaded collar necklace that April was wearing.      

Thumbs Up:     

Valerie’s Red Dress and Mondo’s fun skirt ensemble for teens.  

Thumbs Down:     

Jason “Infinity Dress” (that you just wanted to stop) and the judges for liking Gretchen’s jumpsuit.  I will admit it looked great on the billboard. 


Staple it first…then add the Safety Pins.