She’s Crafty! (But Lazy)

I am horrible at keeping up with this blog. 

Which is why I’m putting in a “cheater entry”.  It’s a little jog for my brain, to remind me to post some updates.

I need to show you pictures of my completed projects from CK Summer Camp 2010!  I earned 6 badges; Orienteering, Flag Etiquette, Fire Safety, Organization, First Aid and Crop Fun.

I have to FINALLY update and catalog as a WIP the sweater I am making for my buddy, Nizzy.  She picked the pattern and the colors.  It’s actually pretty quick and simple to do, but crochet is more of a cooler weather craft for me.  I hope to pick it up again soon.

I also need to post pictures and “squee” about all the fun goodies I got at CKC this year!  I briefly played with two of the toys on Saturday and was just like a big kid.  Oohing and ahhhing.  It was just too much fun.

I also made a card for my sister for her bday, so I will have to post a picture of that (or Nizzy will yell at me).

But I *am* here, just not into a blogging routine yet…but that will change, I promise!


She’s Crafty! (But Lazy)