The Conclusion of CK Summer Camp 2010

Figured I would do a post on this before the date gets too far away. 

CK Summer Camp 2010 concluded on 16 July, but we were allowed to post our projects on the CK site up through that following Sunday.  I pretty much mentally gave up that Friday and made that my last project day.   Scrapbooking is really not one of those hobbies that you can devote short bursts of time to(an hour here, an hour there).  Despite that, I managed to complete a few more merit badges:  First Aid, Fire Safety, Organization (by organizing my paper scraps), and Crop Fun (by games with S-B-ing friends).  That’s way more badges than I thought I would get.  🙂

Cards are much easier to create than 12X12 layouts so I went the card making route.


The Conclusion of CK Summer Camp 2010