Welcome to Camp!

DragonWillow here!

I just finished earning my Orienteering Merit Badge at CK Summer Camp 2010. 🙂  Isn’t it perdy?

I still have to earn my Flag Etiquette Merit Badge.  I need to do a layout using flags.  While trying to come up with an idea for the flags, I decided that I’m going to open Camp Gimpy for my son, Gimpy.  (don’t flip, he had surgery and is recovering, and thinks the nickname “Gimpy” is hilarious).  Now, sadly, as I’m still getting my mojo back, that pretty much tapped my creative resources for the day.  That means, I need YOUR help.  What kinds of fun activities can we do?

Keep in mind, I work outside of the home (BOO!) and he’s home with a babysitter most of the time.  We can do some camp-type stuff in the evenings when I get home.  I have temporary tattoos, so we could do that one day.  Tons of movies (Movie Monday?); games; maybe even create our own recipe for dinner; that kind of thing.  He’s not a real arts and crafts kind of kid (*sob*) but I can get him to do some things…maybe Nizzy will teach us how to make those braided key chains?  (*wink* *wink*).   As I never went to camp, I don’t know what kinds of things to do.  Please, please, please comment with some ideas!!!!

I want him to have a fun summer and also to give me new things to scrapbook.  Sadly, he’s 11 and I’m still working on his baby book.  See, told you my mojo was missing for a while.  However, I have made jewelry, cross-stitching, crocheting and sewing, so I DO have some projects to share.  I will have to make a point of uploading  pictures.

Anyway, thanks for joining us here at Creatively Motivated.  I hope you enjoy our creative processes as much as we do!!!

Stay tuned for more crafty updates!

Welcome to Camp!